Fidget Quilt #4

Fidget Quilt #4 This is a good choice for a man!  Strong colours, interesting textures, items to fiddle with. $20      

Fidget Quilt #3

Fidget Quilt #3 This pretty quilt will gladden the heart of your mother/aunt/friend, with its spool on a tape, Velcro, yarn trim and furnishing fabrics offering changes of texture. $20  

Fidget Quilt #2

Fidget Quilt #2 These strong fabrics will suit either male or female.  The Velcro is as addictive as bubble wrap and tape trims add additional tactile interest. $20

Fidget Quilt #1

Fidget Quilt #1 With corduroy fabrics, a zipper, tape, cord and bauble trims, this pretty quilt will warm the heart of your loved one. $20

Trains Wall Hanging

Trains Wall Hanging What little boy would not be taken with these cute trains.  Ideal for a toddler’s bedroom or playroom. 42cm x 64cm $50

Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan Traditional Sampler quilt with a Japanese theme, hand-pieced and machine-quilted.  All 100% cotton fabrics.  This one’s a real bargain! 171cm x 190cm  (About 1/4 insurance value)   $500

Starry Nights Quilt

STARRY NIGHTS QUILT My best work! This handsome queen size quilt is entirely hand-made — hand pieced and extensively hand quilted. The centre squares of the blocks are cut from the border fabric, creating endless variations. Stars are mainly deep blues and browns on a lovely beige ground. Several years in the making, this quilt…


Browse through the General Quilts and Fidget Quilts sections.  Below those, you’ll find Beaded Jewellery from Nepal and, finally, under Odds and Ends, you’ll find a variety of other items, including hand-felted poppy brooches and cute $2 pot holders, etc.  (It’s worth keeping an eye on this last section, which will change from time to time.) If you have a particular style and colour quilt…

I’m Back On Track!

With a total shoulder replacement in March, I have been unable to sew for most of 2018. I am now ready to undertake the final stage of the quiltmaking process — pinning and machine quilting (this is the decorative stitching that holds the three layers of the quilt together). Stocks are presently VERY low, as a large number…


August 2016 Here is the great report I received from Julian Laing, my fellow director of Reach Out Nepal. He was in Nepal in January, spending time in the mountains with Harikrishna (Hari) Devkota, the founder of High Himalayan Community Projects (financially supported by Reach Out Nepal) and at Glen Buds, the Kathmandu school and hostel…