Back in Action

After something of a hiatus, I’ve been sewing again — hand-stitching in front of TV in the evenings and machine-sewing when I can. Winter weather and the thought that while charities are calling out for blankets, quilts would also be welcomed. So now I have a line-up of quilt tops, all ready to be pinned then quilted. Here’s hoping my beautiful granddaughter will help with the job of pinning the layers together!

Trying to get my huge stash of fabrics down a little, I now have boxes of 2 1/2 inch strips. From these, my first finished quilt top is Chinese Coins, with a scrappy assortment of strips set within a russet framework. It will measure 130cm X 175cm when quilted.

A fun set of kids’ prints was the starting point for this Boy’s Cot Quilt, set on the cutest blue fabric covered with fat bees. It will be 102cm square.

Then there’s my favourite hand-stitched quilt top, Diamonds are Forever, featuring a wide variety of fabrics from my stash of pinks and blacks, with the occasional colour detour, suggested by the featured leaf fabric, thrown in for added interest. At the useful size of 152cm X 193cm, this lovely design will add a touch of class to any room.

Along with the pieces already awaiting quilting, these will be ready for sale or donation before too long, hopefully. As ever, an expression of interest will move any one of them to the top of the pile!

Now it’s time for a cup of tea and back to assembling the blocks of the next project, a pretty traditional pattern.

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  1. They’re beautiful. School holidays have begun and the girls are keen to help.


  2. Thank you, so glad you like the quilts. The artistry on display on your website, Meisha Mosaics, makes your approval special. Very grateful that the girls will help with pinning those quilts I’m able to quilt myself!


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